Vivero, Proyecto de Conservación de Tortugas is situated on the beach of Montezuma, Costa Rica. They have for the past 20 years successfully run a program for Sea Turtle conservation and education to the public.


A part of the program is collecting the eggs from the nests and creating a safe haven far away from campfires, egg poachers, lizards and other dangers.

leatherback egg

A rare female Leatherback, (one of the most extinct species) is being guarded as she lays her eggs.

baby leatherback

A magic moment! A new born Leatherback!


Roger, dedicated founder and director of the centre.


After approx. 45-60 days the eggs hatch in the nest situated 50 cm below ground. The newly born turtles then start to crawl to the surface. Here are two Olive Ridleys surfacing.

to sea

Good luck little Turtle! After 20 years the females will return onto the very same shoreline they where born to lay their own eggs. Hopefully.